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The elegant online event registration app
DoAttend makes it a breeze to manage events online. Create & sell tickets, offer discounts, collect attendee data during registration, and a lot more! Don’t take our word for it, just talk to one of the happy event managers from:, TEDx, RubyConf India, Heart of America Foundation, Nasscom, Computer Society of India

How it Works

DoAttend lets you setup your event and registrations in minutes. Set it up at your personalized event page. Define the nature of your event, setup your tickets and you're good to go.

Get paid online. Stay updated with real-time registration notifications. Export registration data anytime you want. Managing registrations is dirt simple with DoAttend.

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Customer Speak

We found DoAttend to be useful in tracking our registrations.

Rajesh Lalwani, Founder
India Social

It took us about 30 min to set the event up and integrate to our site and bang - signups came pouring in! Absolutely love how easy and powerful DoAttend is!

Varun Gupta, Travelling Lens Photography

We switched to DoAttend after 3 years working with another online booking vendor. We wish we had made the switch sooner! DoAttend is great. It's fast and simple to use. Their customer support is very responsive and helpful. DoAttend sets the standard for online event booking!

Pete Deemer, Founder, GoodAgile

We have been using DoAttend for all our events in India. They are the simplest registration system and works flawlessly. I am impressed by their customer service and attention to all the details that we look for in an event management system. I like the simplicity of the app and the ease of use. I would look highly recommend this as the trustworthy companion in event management

Vibhu Srinivasan, Managing Director, SolutionsIQ India

DoAttend Live has a really sleek interface aggregating all tweets and pictures of our event in one single place. It was a great tool which allowed us to integrate with our Social media initiatives and the best part is that it costed us nothing. I highly recommend it to any tech-savvy event manager.

Avinash Raghava, Regional Director, NASSCOM

Registrations are the most important component on our rides. Doattend has given us and our riders a simple yet very effective registration portal. They've been an integral part of our growth over the last year. Another key aspect is their support. Any queries that arise are answered no matter what time of day or night. All in all, Doattend has helped us concentrate on the rides itself and not have to worry about the registration process.

Suhail Ahmed, CRX Sports

This is a great webapp, very user-friendly and accessible and the tech support is great!

Kelly Sinko, Criminal Justice Division, State of Connecticut

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Thanks! :) RT @sumank: if you are organizing an event. Simply beautiful. Oct 19

A big thank you to the @doattend folks - they have a great product at a reasonable price and made #rubyconfindia registrations stress free. Mar 18

DoAttend looks like a pretty good web app for managing events. Jan 11